2019 Annual Presentation Dinner - Long Reef Cadet Ticket

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1 Cadet Ticket to the 2018/19 Long Reef Annual Presentation Dinner

It's the last Annual Dinner in the current clubhouse - let's send it out with a good 'ol L&R Party!

When: 11 May 2019 from 5pm
Where: Long Reef SLSC
Tickets: $40 for Adults, $20 for Cadets, Nippers are free
Tickets include: light dinner and drinks
(Nippers still need a ticket for catering purposes. Please add the names of you and your family/guests in the comments section). 
What will you come as? L or R...? or L R? 
Rock Lobster, raspberry, rashie, Ladybug / Ladybeetle, Lamp, Leopard, Lara Croft, Learner – what part of your life needs L plates?, LED gadgets, LEGO – can you ever be too old?, Leprechaun, Liquorice,  Lion, Lizard, Lobster, Loch Ness Monster, Lois Lane, Lucy – I love Lucy, Luke Skywalker, Roy Rogers, Rocky, Red....
For more information: admin@longreef.com
* The fine print... 

For catering purposes, ticket sales end on 9am Thursday 9 May 2019, and cannot be purchased on the night of the event. No refunds.