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Nipper Membership Rules

At least one parent or guardian must also be a member of the club for insurance and child protection purposes.  If a parent is not already an Active member of the club, or included in a family membership, a discounted membership is available for Nipper Parents / Guardians.

Add "General Nipper/Cadet Parent Membership" to your shopping cart before checking out.

Nipper Age Rules

Nippers is open to children from the age of 5 (Under-6) to 12 years (Under-13) based on their age at 30 September 2021.

e.g. If your child is age 7 on September 30, they will be in the Under 8 age group for that season.

If your child is 4 on 30 September 2021, they will need to wait until next season to join Nippers.

Parent Duties Bond

Each Nipper family must pay a Parent Duties Bond once per season.  This is refunded at the end of the season provided the minimum number of duties have been completed during the season.

Select the "Parent Duties Bond" on your Nipper membership which will add it to your shopping cart before checking out.  (Only required once per family).


We would love to include everyone. However, for safety reasons, we can only take a maximum number of Nippers. If you would like to be included on the wait list, please email